Buffalo Park, A Conservation Area

        Purpose:  To preserve and protect the natural habitat (vegetation, soils, hydrology, and habitat), the scenic, and
                           aesthetic character of the land as a conservation area, and to prevent any future development of the land.
Only those activities are that do not degrade the conservation purposes stated above are allowed or
                           permitted in the Conservation Area.

        Allowed activities:            

                    ·        Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset (w/o permission of the TCC)
·        Maintenance of existing trails, construction and maintenance of new trails
                   (with Tilton Conservation Commission approval only)
·        Use of land and trails for running, walking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, bicycling, and other
                 educational or similar activities
·        Construction of one or more parking lots for public use
·        Establishment of picnic areas (permissible, not mandatory)
·        Hunting and fishing

        Use Limitations (includes but not limited to):
·        Trash – (what you carry in, you carry out)
·        No logging or firewood harvesting
·        No removal of soils, rocks, vegetation or water (both above and below the ground)
·        No negative impacts on the wetlands
·        No dumping or storing of trash of any kind
·        No domestic animals except for dogs on leashes and under the control of their owner, and any excrement
                 must be removed from trails or open areas by the owner/person under control of the dog
·        No motorized vehicles of any kind (exception is for maintenance of the park under the permission
                  of the Conservation Commission)
·        No fires or open flames
·        No alcohol

           ** For a copy of the “Stewardship Plan” and/or the “Declaration of Conservation Covenants and Restrictions”
               contact the Town Hall.