Tilton Conservation Commission
Tilton, NH

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Tilton Conservation Commission, 257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276             Spring 2013             

 Spring 2013 Newsletter

A Special Place to Visit in Tilton

The town of Tilton has many special places natural, historic, architectural, and retail.
This Tilton Conservation Newsletter offers a glimpse into one of those special places


The Tilton Inn and Onions Pub & Restaurant

The Tilton Inn is a beautiful, haunted inn, centrally located amidst the Lakes Region and
the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Onions Pub & Restaurant truly has something
for everyone. In the Pub one can enjoy traditional, homemade British home food at a
reasonable price. There is a more formal atmosphere in the dining room where one can
enjoy food for a slightly more sophisticated palate. Everything is prepared on site
by the
culinary team. The menu options vary with the season.

Come for a visit at 255 Main Street in downtown Tilton -
or call (603) 286-7774 for reservations or for more information.

Changes in NH DES Permitting

In an effort to provide a higher quality, more streamlined permitting
process, most Land Resources Management Programs which include:

Alteration of Terrain
Subsurface Systems Bureau
Wetlands Bureau
Shoreland Program

have updated their permit application forms. Applications will be reviewed by
a team of cross-trained administrative staff. The new forms are valid until
July 2013, at which time they will be updated. Click on any of the programs
above to find more information and application forms.

Applications for Wetlands Permits By Notification, Wetlands Emergency permits,
and Wetlands Forestry, Trails, and Utility Permits will not be handled under the
new process at this time.

Do You Need A Dock Permit?
Go online to NH DES and take a quick survey to see if a permit is required to
repair or install a dock. By answering several questions, you will quickly learn
whether you will need a permit. And, there are links to whatever permit is required.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Logo Tilton Recycling Arrives

At the 2013 Town meeting, residents voted to introduce a Pay-As-You-Throw
system of trash disposal as well as bi-weekly curbside recycling. Resident will
purchase special bags - $1 for 15 gallon and $2 for 33 gallon sizes - which will
encourage people to recycle more and will help the town lower its costs of
trash disposal. The Tilton Recycling Committee will have more details in the
coming months. This newsletter will also contain information.