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 Spring 2014 Newsletter

A Special Place to Visit in Tilton

The town of Tilton has many special places natural, historic, architectural, and retail.
This Tilton Conservation Newsletter offers a glimpse into one of those special places

Osprey Nest near Exit 20

                                      osprey looking straight ahead    osprey in the nest near exit 20   osprey looking to the right

                                                        Some special summer tourists have arrived in Tilton semi-directly from Venezuela. Donovan, the osprey, and his mate have settled
                                                        into their condo nest in Tilton close to exit 20.  Squam Lakes Natural Science Center initiated an opsrey tracking project to follow the
                                                        annual migration of the ospreys from New Hampshire to South America and back.  A GPS unit is connected to a backpack and attached
                                                        to the osprey and provides real-time tracking including hourly locations, altitude, speed, and direction. Donovan was banded in 2013,
                                                        and has been spotted this year doing some fishing in Franklin and around Silver Lake.

                        For more details go to http://www.nhnature.org/programs/project_ospreytrack/osprey_bios.php#Donovan

          woman mowing the lawn  Lawn Fertilizing

                                                                                Fertilizing your lawn can add significant amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen to the run-off which
                                                                                                 then reaches nearby lakes and rivers. Too much of these nutrients can feed algae blooms and suck up
                                                                                                 the oxygen in the water causing serious pollution issues. Some suggestions for homeowners:

                                                  1. Soil testing - to determine exactly how much fertilzer is needed and whether phosphorus is even necessary for your lawn
                                                             2. Time to apply - do not apply during the winter, on partially frozen ground, during hot weather dormancy, or 48 hours before or
                                                                                               after a major rain event
                                                             3. Mow your grass about 3 inches high for deeper and healthier roots. Leave the clippings (provided they're not too long) to wash
                                                                 into the soil and add nitrogen naturally.
                                                             4. Test for soil acidity and apply lime as needed.
                                                             5. Aerate the turf and over-seed bare patches.

Dates to Remember        calendar graphic

April 26 Town-wide Yard Sale sponsored by the Recycling Committee

April 30 -May 4 Spring Cleanup at Town sheds

Lakes Region Hazardous Waste Collection:
      July 26 Belmont; Franklin
      August 2 Laconia