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CONSERVATION NEWS From TILTON, NH                           

Spring 2023 Newsletter

The Ticks Are Here!
It's that season again - ticks are around. They show up as soon as the temperature is above 40 and where there's no snow cover.
They like grassy, brushy, and woody areas plus places where leaves have accumulated. Trees and shrubs are also spots for them to hide.
Besides Lyme disease, they bring a host of other viruses and problems. So what can you do?
First, dress properly. Wear light-colored pants that are not too loose; long-sleeved shirts; socks that cover the hem of your pants.
Then, consider spraying tick repellant with permethrin on clothes and shoes, but NEVER on your skin.
Second, spray Deet or Oil of Eucalyptus on exposed skin. Check
https://www.epa.gov/insect-repellents/deet for more info.

Tick Scale

Third, do a complete tick check when you return inside. Tumble dry clothers with hot heat for 10 minutes. Shower within two hours.
If you do find a tick, remove it and watch for any signs of illness. More information can be found at TickFreeNH.org

The NH Department of Agriculture will provide tick identification to NH residents. They do NOT test for diseases.
The directions and form for dead tick submission can be found at https://www.agriculture.nh.gov/publications-forms/documents/tick-submission-form.pdf

With a few safety measures in place, it is possible to enjoy all the great outdoor adventures that NH offers.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Buy local; eat more fruits and vegetables
Have a garden or plant vegetables in pots
Try composting food waste

Use rain barrels for watering plants
Install ultra-low flush toilets and shower heads

Speeding and unnecessary acceleration reduce mileage, so slow down
Proper tire inflation improves gas mileage
Combine errands to make fewer trips

Insulate and reduce drafts and air leaks
Install LED lights
Be sure new appliances have the Energy Star label

Plant a tree
Plant pollinator-friendly plants
(calendula, marigolds, salvia, lavendar, bee balm, cosmos, borage,
                     sunflowers, coneflowers, zinnias, liatris, asters)
Make a birdhouse
Go for a walk
Check out Buffalo Park and Salmon Run Conservation Area in Tilton

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle more often
Tilton Recycling at the Town sheds every Wednesday and Friday 1:00 to 3:30; Saturday 9 to 1
Tilton's Annual Spring Cleanup is April 19-22, 2023 - Details on town's website