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Tilton, NH

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Tilton Conservation Commission, 257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276             Winter 2013                           

 Winter 2013 Newsletter

A Special Place to Visit in Tilton

The town of Tilton has many special places natural, historic, architectural, and retail.
This Tilton Conservation Newsletter offers a glimpse into one of those special places

Civil War soldier at Soldiers Monument in Tilton, NH 
Soldiers Monument

    At the intersection of Main and Winter Streets is a small park with this statue of a
    Civil War soldier. It was dedicated by the citizens of Tilton and
Northfield in
    May 1889, on Memorial Day. Charles Tilton donated the granite base. Local citizens
    donated money for the statue through the Grand Army of the Republic, which
    was a group of Civil War veterans who advocated for those who fought in the war.

Removal of Ernie's Garage

On January 15, 2013, All-Ways Wrecking began the demolition of
Ernie's Garage on East Main Street . Thanks to a grant from the EPA,
the building is being removed as the site becomes a part of the
Winnipesaukee River Trail. Plans include further clean-up as well
as construction of a walking bridge so that hikers can walk from
 Route 140 to downtown Tilton, across the river to Northfield, and
connect to the trail as it heads to Franklin. Watch for more pictures. 

Stay Safe on Ice
(from NH Fish & Game)

iceskating penguin with snowflakes

While the weather has seemed cold enough this winter, it is always a good
 idea to follow these rules before stepping onto the ice:

1. All ice can be dangerous so use an ice chisel or augur to determine the thickness and condition

2. Ice should be a minimum of six inches for foot travel; 8-10 inches for snow machines

3. Stay off the ice along the shoreline if it's cracked or squishy. Avoid the ice during thaws.

4. Avoid areas with currents, places near bridges, or pressure ridges

5. Small water bodies freeze thicker while rivers and lakes are affected by winds and waves
     that weaken ice

6. Don't gather in large groups or drive large vehicles on the ice

7. If you do break through the ice, don't panic. Move back where you fell in (near the solid ice).
    Lay both arms on unbroken ice and kick hard to lift your body onto the ice. Carry a set of
    ice picks to help pull yourself out. Roll away from the hole to reach solid ice.

8. NEVER go out on the ice alone and always let people know where you're going.

Wild Turkey Flock Observations

You can help NH Fish & Game this winter by reporting any wild turkey flocks you see
 in NH between January 1 and March 31. Report your observations at: