Tilton Conservation Commission
257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276
Tilton, NH

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Late Winter 2015 Newsletter

A Special Place in Tilton

The town of Tilton has many special places natural, historic, architectural, and retail.
This Tilton Conservation Newsletter offers a glimpse into one of those special places

The Quilting Corner

The Quilting Corner in Tilton NH

  Located at 322 Riverfront Place on West Main Street just a few miles from the Tanger Outlet Mall,
The Quilting Corner is a charming shop that offers a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, classes, and
much more. Open Tuesday through Saturday, this is a must stop for anyone interested in quilting
 projects or materials. It is truly a place "where friends quilt together".

snowflakes   Winter Storm Preparedness

In the past seven years, New Hampshire has experienced the top six storm-related power outages
in state history. Extreme precipitation events mean residents and towns need to plan ahead for
emergencies or storm events. Here are some suggestions:

*Have a 3 day supply of water - 1 gallon per person
*Have a 3 day supply of non-perishable food
*Flashlight and extra batteries
*Battery-powered radio
*First aid kit and needed medications
*Cell phone with chargers
*Pet supplies
*Extra cash
*Warm coats, mittens, hats, boots, extra clothes, blankets, and quilts
*Sand, rock salt, or non-clumping kitty litter to make steps and walkways less slippery
(Possible alternative heating methods such as approved fireplaces or wood stoves)

Recycling Plastic Bags Properly recycle symbol

Plastic bags and thin film plastics are a problem for most recycling facilities. These items are considered "contamination" of
single stream recycling, not only jamming up sorting machines, but also resulting in higher hauling rates for municipalities
when there is a large percentage of them in the single stream collection. The bags and film can be difficult wastes to recycle
because they need to be clean, dry, and sent to a recycling facility specifically designed for them. Because plastic pollution is
a huge problem, people are encouraged to be sure any plastic bags are clean and dry, and then you should place them in
bins located in participating stores so they can be disposed of properly. It is also a good idea to bring a reusable cloth bag when
you go to the grocery store, so that you end up bringing home fewer plastic bags.