Tilton Conservation Commission
257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276
Tilton, NH

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Special Place in Tilton:

Tilton Sports Center
100 Autumn Drive

Tilton Sports Center

Tilton Sports Center is an indoor training facility that will accomodate soccer, flag football,
lacrosse, softball, volleyball, kickball,  or any sport that can be played on turf. You will also find 
a basketball hoop and indoor batting cages for basketball and baseball.
The LOFT is an indoor obstacle course which also hosts group fitness classes.

Tilton Sports Center is a great for birthday parties, team parties, scouts, and church and school groups.

For more information - http://www.tiltonsportscenter.com/ and 528-7600

Winter Storm Names 2017     

Snow Types (from the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Blizzard - violent storm that lasts at least 3 hours and has subfreezing temperatures, strong winds,
blowing snow, and poor visability (less than .25 miles)

Snowstorm - produces heavy amounts of snow

Snow Flurry - snows for a short period of time with varying intensity and little accumulation

Snow Squall - brief but intense snowfall with poor visibility and high winds

Snow Burst - short duration but intense shower of snow with poor visibility and large accumulation

  dollar sign   Save Money, Be Safe, and Help the Environment  tire

It can be as simple as checking your tire pressure monthly and filling tires to manufacturer's specifications.
As a result, you reduce carbon emissions, increase gas mileage, have less wear on your tires, and have less
of a chance that your tires may fail. Properly inflated tires increase gas mileage by 0.6%

When temperatures drop, so does tire pressure and your low-pressure warning doesn't come on until the pressure
is 25% below the manufacturer's guidelines. Measure the pressure with a gauge when the tire is cold and use
the suggested pressure that can be found on the driver's side jamb or in the owner's manual.
(NH DES Greenworks, December 2016)