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Tilton, NH

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

What Can Conservation Commissions Do To Protect
Natural Resources In A Changing Climate?

As NH's natural resources face challenges from the impact of climate change,
local action will be required to protect these valuable resources, both now and into the future.

UNH Cooperative Extension offers the following five suggestions:

1. Encourage landowners and the local community to preserve the beneficial functions of
natural features, such as wetlands, riparian buffers, and upland areas providing flood storage.

2. Control invasive species on town-owned properties and encourage landowners to do the same.

3. Communicate and build public awareness about climate change via activities such as local
workshops and other events, demonstration projects, or high-water mark projects.

4. Incorporate climate change into municipal documents, e.g. Natural Resource Inventory;
land conservation/open space plans, forest and farmland management plans;
Master Plan; Hazard Mitigation and Capital Improvement Plans.

5. Develop and add climate vulnerability and adaption benefits to the criteria used
for prioritizing land conservation projects and conservation easements.

Exit 20 river view  Ice House Pond in Tilton NH  turtle

Click here to read the entire fact sheet.

Outdoor Winter Activities in Tilton

* Skate at town rink next to Tanger Outlet
* Snowshoe at Buffalo Park (High Street Ext.)
* Go Ice fishing Winnisquam Lake - rules
* Build a snowman (car, fort, outdoor sofa...)
* Look for animal tracks at Buffalo Park
* Take pictures of winter at The Island
* Blow bubbles on a cold day and watch them turn to ice
* Go sledding
* Make an instant bird feeder with pine cones and peanut butter
and hang them around your yard
* Take a walk along both sides of Main Street

snowflake  snowflake  snowflake  snowflake

2018-2019 Winter Storm Names from The Weather Channel

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