Tilton Conservation Commission
257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276
Tilton, NH

, Tilton, NH 03276

Lake Winnisquam Historic Truesdell truss bridge flanked by autumn colors in Tilton Tioga Swamp Canoeists at Riverfront Park Buffalo Park Conservation Area


in Tilton, NH

1. Buffalo Park - 55+/- acres  Trail Map in pdf form from Konover Development -
    Undeveloped woodlands, natural habitat, and historic property 
    R17 Lot 20
    Copy of the easement
    Public use allowed

2. Discretionary easement at Lochmere Golf Course from Gerald and Anne Marie Chaille
    Hiking, sledding, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities
    that will not cause damage to the course
    R21 Lot 1
    Copies of the easements - 1994 - 1998 - 2008 
    Recreational activities from December 1 to April 1

3. Country Lakes Estates - 35.34 acres R. J. Moreau
    Natural habitats, and scenic and aesthetic character of property
    R7 Lot 11-100
    Copy of the easement
    No public use allowed 

4. Former Ernie's property -180 East Main Street - U04 Lot 71
    Deed - Memorandum of Agreement with the Winnipesaukee River Trail Association

5. Wal-Mart Ice House Pond - 5.182 acres  from Infinity Sherwood Properties, LLC
    Conservation restriction
    R24 Lot 22
    Copy of the easement
    No public use allowed

6. Market Basket conservation easement - 8.746 acres
    To preserve and protect natural habitats and scenic and aesthetic character of property -
    R24 Lot 7
    Copy of the easement
    No public use allowed

7. Miller/Stock - 39.07 acres
    To protect the natural vegetation, soils, hydrology, natural habitat and scenic and aesthetic character of property
    R5 Lots 39 and 46
    Copy of easement

8. Nickerson property - 19 acres
    swamp with conservation value for open space and wildlife
    R20 Lot 1.1
    Copy of the easement

9. Conservation restriction on Lot #5 of subdivision - 13.047 acres - Rogers Development
    R18 Lot 25
    Copy of the easement
    No public use allowed

10. Salmon Run East Main Street
      For conservation and recreational purposes only
      U04 Lot 72
      Copy of deed

11. Tanger Outlet Mall / R.R. Kingsburg, Inc. - 23.931 acres
       Wetlands on Johns Manville Road - to preserve open spaces
       R22 Lot 17
       Copy of the easement

12, Tilton Mac-Cal, LLC Home Depot - 18.31 acres
      Wildlife, wetland, and stream corridor for the preservation of the quality of groundwater and surface water resources
      R20 Lot 19
      Copy of the easement   
      Public access for low-impact, non-motorized,  non-wheeled, non-commercial outdoor recreational purposes

13. Wal-Mart - 1.32 acres
      Detention pond
      Portion of Lot 5
      Copy of the easement
      No public use allowed

14. Winnisquam Regional School District - 11.6 acres
      Wetland and upland parcels - U8 Lot 15
      Copy of the easement
      Recreational and and athletic activities associated with the school allowed

15. Welch Agricultural Easement to the State of NH
       Amended Agricultural Preservation Restriction